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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Ft Worth Stockyards

Yesterday, my father in law, the kids and I went to the Historic Ft. Worth Stockyards. What an adorable little area of Ft. Worth. The streets were made out of brick and you actually felt like you were in the early 1900's. The stores were made out of the old animal holding areas, where the animals waited until the were auctioned. A train track runs through the middle of the building.
We started out thinking we were just going to the Texas Rodeo Cowboy Hall of Fame, but once we arrived we quickly figured out we would be spending many hours there. time I will go in the spring or fall when its not 102!! We started the day at the Cowboy Hall of Fame. There were tons of booths with info and memorabilia from excellent cowboys/girls. Next we went to the "Rodeo Zone". The Rodeo Zone has a longhorn, maverick or a bull to ride (mechanical); horseshoes, and a roping section. The kids loved riding the maverick and learning how to rope. We also went to the Ft. Worth Stockyards Museum and stayed for the daily cattle drive. Here are a few pictures from our day.

My father in law dressed up as a rodeo clown with the kids. (He will kill me for posting this, so shhh..don't tell)

My father in law alone.

Bobby getting ready for his bucking longhorn ride. The only chaps in his size were pink. We told him real men wear pink.

Carissa is all ready for her bucking maverick ride. She is a mess...what can I say it was 102 outside.

Jenna driving the chuck wagon.

The kids did a Texas sized Human maze. This maze was in season 5 of The Amazing Race. It took the kids 18 minutes to find the letters M-A-Z-E. The man who runs the place said the fastest time was 4 minutes (I am sure that this person had done the maze several times).

Here is the last longhorn of the cattle drive. Bobby called this longhorn bobble head because his head bobbled the entire time.