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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Travel Sports World Series - Opening Day

Today was the 1st day of the World Series for Bobby's baseball team, the Dallas Stars.  We arrived at Oak Grove Park in Grapevine, Texas at 9 am.  It was already in the high 80s when we got there.  The boys traded pins with the other teams, competed in skill drills (fastest man, around the horn, home run derby and accuracy throw).  Bobby's teammate, Brock, won the fastest man competition for the 8u division.  At 12:30 the opening ceremonies started and all teams were introduced and walked the bases.  After the opening ceremonies, we ate lunch with 3 of the families and then headed home.  My three and Brock had some fun in the pool jumping and trying to catch a ball.  The swim time was awesome since were baked for half the day in 107 degree heat!!  The games begin tomorrow and I'm hoping the odds are ever in our favor!

Brock accepting his "Fastest Man" award

Bobby and the pins he collected today

Jenna jumping in to catch the ball


Brock jumping for the ball

Carissa jumping for the ball

Carissa, Bobby, Jenna and Brock jumping in

Monday, June 25, 2012

Kyle Cares Baseball Tournament

Bobby's team, the Dallas Stars, participated in the Kyle Cares Baseball Tournament in Waxahachie, Texas this weekend.  This tournament is held every year in remembrance of a little boy who passed away due to an amoeba he contracted while swimming.  Please read his story at  On Saturday, they played the Forney Rangers.  Bobby made 4 outs defensively but struggled with his batting.  The Stars won 13 to 1.  The second game was against the Rampage.  Bobby scored 3 runs and made 2 outs.  The Stars beat the Rampage 24 to 5.  We were seed #1 going into Sunday's brackets.  Our first game was against the Forney Fire and Bobby made 9 outs and was left on the bag in one inning.  Stars went home with the win with a final score of 8 to 3.  The semi-final game was against the Dallas Redhawks.  Bobby made 4 outs, scored once and was put out at 3rd once.  Stars came out ahead with a score of 15 to 5.  The championship game was a 8pm Sunday evening and it was finally cool enough to enjoy the game and not feel like you were melting (it was the first weekend of triple digit temperatures in North Texas).  The Stars played against the Clubs.  Bobby made 3 outs and had a couple of good hits that were caught.  Unfortunately, the boys fell short and lost 15 to 8.  It was very disappointing to get so far and play hard and lose.  They earned the 2nd place trophy with hard work.  Way to go, Stars!!!

The Stars with their 2nd place trophies

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Our first 2 weeks of summer

Our first two weeks of summer have been very busy, but lots of fun!  The kids left on June 2nd to go to Tennessee with their Mawmaw, Great Uncle Tom, "Aunt" Tania and their 2nd cousins, Madeline and Gabby.  They went to Dollywood, Dollywood's Splashtown, hiking, ziplinging and alpine sledding in the Smoky Mountains.  While they were gone, Bobby and I were able to take a short trip to Southeastern Oklahoma.  We spend a nice day canoeing on Mountain Fork River and exploring Broken Bow Lake.  The lake is surrounded by the Ouachita Mountains.  It was breathtakingly beautiful and peaceful.  We all arrived home on Friday, June 8th and the entire weekend was spent watching Bobby play baseball in a tournament in Colleyville, Texas.  Last week, the kids and our neighbor, Chase, all attended Vacation Bible School at our church.  The church was raising money to put wells in a small town in Ghana that currently has no water.  They had the kids broken up into teams and challenged them to bring as much change in every day to help pay for the well.  At the end of the week, the kids brought in over $4,000 in change!  I tried to give my kids some dollar bills and they wouldn't take them because the contest was based on the weight of the money and dollar bills don't weigh anything.  Father's Day weekend, Bobby played in another tournament in Southlake, Texas.  His team played awesome on Saturday going home with 2 wins!  Sunday, the Stars won their first game and then were knocked out in the semi-finals.  We came home and swam in the pool for awhile and then went to see The Avengers.  

Smoky Mountains

Kids getting all their safety gear on to zip line

The black bear

Broken Bow Lake

Mom & Dad

Kids worn out after baseball tournament

Bobby during warm up

Bobby, Tyler and Austin waiting for the semi-final game

Friday, June 8, 2012

Jenna's 5th Grade Graduation and Pool Party

On May 31st, Jenna graduated from Luna Elementary School with the President's Award for having an all A average for 4th and 5th grade and all A Honor Roll.  We are very proud of how hard she works.  Jenna will be going to the Classical Program at Brandenburg Middle School.  She will be taking piano and gymnastics in addition to all honor classes next year.

Jenna with her teacher, Ms. Boudreaux

Jenna and MacKenzie at graduation reception

Hannah, Kailynn and Jenna

President's Award

Paige and Jenna at pool party

Paige, MacKenzie, Hannah and Jenna