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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

NTX Eagles are Fall 2012 League Champions!

Bobby and his team the NTX Eagles finished up their fall season on Sunday, November 4th.  The boys went undefeated in league play and the majority of the games only gave up 3 or 4 runs.  This group of boys not only love the game, but they work hard each and every practice and game.  On Sunday, Bobby was 8 for 8 in batting and made 10 outs.  Their overall record, including tournaments, was 22 wins and 3 losses.  What an incredible season.  I'm already pumped for the spring.  Let's Go Eagles!!!

Bobby playing 2nd.  Telling his team the play is at 1st.

Bobby up to bat

The Eagles praying with the Stix after the game.

The 2012 Frisco Select Double Header League Champions

October 2012 Update

We have been a very busy with school, school projects and sports.  I just wanted to share a few pictures from October.

All 5th graders at Luna Elementary are part of a STOMP group.  Here is Carissa before the performance.

Carissa and her best friend, Kate

Jenna as a genie, Carissa as a wolf girl and Bobby as Spyro (from Skylanders video game)

Paige and Jenna getting ready to charge the ball.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

NTX Eagles win the Labor Day Classic Tournament

Bobby's new team, the NTX Eagles, played in the Labor Day Classic Tournament this past weekend.  There were 18 teams in their age division.  On Saturday, the boys played against the Texans.  Bobby got 3 at bats and got a single, double and triple.  He scored once and was left stranded twice.  Bobby also made 3 outs.  The Eagles won 17 to 3.  The second game was against the NTX Fury.  Bobby batted three times and got two singles and a double.  Not too many balls came Bobby's way but he did make an out.  Eagles won 18 to 3.  On Sunday, the boys played Team X-Treme.  Bobby got two singles and scored twice.  He also made 3 outs.  Next was the semi-final game against the Rattlers.  Bobby hit a pop-fly that resulted in 2 runs batted in.  He also made 2 outs.  The Championship game was against the Oklahoma Mudcats.  The Mudcats were great hitters and a great defensive team as well.  Bobby got 2 singles and was left on the bag both times.  He also made 2 outs.  The Eagles won the game 7 to 2.  I am so proud of this team and how hard they worked together.  What a way to start off the fall baseball season!

Bobby hitting

team huddle after the championship win

waiting for trophies!

Bobby and Coach Bade

my little champ!

Kids' First Day of School

I'm a week late on this blog post, but here is a picture of the kids on their first day back to school.  Jenna is now in 6th grade and attending middle school.  Carissa is in 5th grade and Bobby is in 2nd grade.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Quick Trip to the Lake

On Wednesday, the kids and I drove to Lake Livingston to visit my mom and nephews.  We hadn't seen them since New Years due to everyone's hectic schedules.  The kids went swimming in the lake, fished, played baseball and a little night basketball.  It is always nice to get in some family time.

Jenna going down the slide

Bobby on the dock

Carissa on the dock

Jacob sliding down the slide

Cousins!!  Jacob, Bobby, Carissa, Julian & Jenna

Friday, July 27, 2012

Aquarium Camp Update by Carissa and Kate

Carissa and Kate wrote the following:

On Monday we met our camp counselors and fellow campers.  We went outside and played zombie tag. We also got to touch and pet the stingrays which we named Wacky,Silky,Skate,Bobbi and Bumpy.  We started our shark tooth necklaces and made beads that were made of clay.  On Tuesday we got to touch hermit crabs,slipper lobsters, horseshoe crab and a chocolate chip starfish.  We got to tour the saltwater area and we saw sharks,octopus,a lot of fish, and a two finned turtle.We also learned a fun shark song which my mom will probably post on here.  Plus we got to see wolf eels feed on salmon and we watched a movie called The Blue Planet.  On our animal encounter we got see and touch Albert the baby American alligator. For arts and crafts we finished our shark tooth necklaces and we made jellyfish, we also got to go to the butterfly garden and held a Madagascar Hissing Cockroach.On Wednesday we toured the saltwater area again and we dissected a (you'll never guess) SQUID!!!  Also we watched an albino alligator feed on salmon!   On Thursday we toured the fresh water area and we learned about under water food webs.  Also we tried to catch animals in the pond.  For arts and crafts colored and painted a water scene.  We also went to the museum of nature and science,and we got to see a shark exhibit with a MEGALADON JAW!!!  Plus we got to watch an imax movie about whales!!!!  Our last and final day was the bomb!!  We went outside and played a game where we had to melt ice.  It was fun but we came in last.  For arts and crafts we made a picture frame with our fellow campers.  Then we made a oragami whale.  After that we met some animals from the zoo.  One was a baby alligator named Earwin.  Next we met a toad that peed on the floor his name was Z, and last but certainly not least we met Sid the African Penguin.

Nicole's notes:

Carissa and Kate have been so animated every day while telling us about camp.  They had a blast and as an added bonus learned about animals and created fun friend memories.  Today I took Jenna and Bobby to the Children's Aquarium so they could see all the animals that Carissa and Kate told us about this week.  The video of the girls singing wouldn't load on my blog, but here is the link on youtube.

Here are some pictures from today:

Jenna touching the horseshoe crab

Bobby touching the horseshoe crab


Bobby & Jenna with the iguana

The two legged turtle

Stingrays that Carissa and Kate fed

Carissa, Bobby, Jenna and Kate by the stingrays

Alligator Snapping Turtle

Carissa and Kate with Grant, their camp counselor

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Carissa goes to Aquarium Camp

This week Carissa and her friend, Kate, are attending Aquarium Camp at the Children's Aquarium.  The Children's Aquarium is located in Fair Park (home of the Cotton Bowl, Texas State Fair and the Science Museum).  Yesterday they learned about ocean prey, fed string rays, started making a shark tooth necklace, attended a feeding of an albino alligator and an alligator snapping turtle, played games and watched a video on the making of the Atlanta Aquarium.  The girls were super excited when I picked them up yesterday and can't wait until they are old enough to help run the zoo camps.

The Children's Aquarium

Carissa and Kate are ready for camp

Carissa showing the back of the camp t-shirt

Kate showing the back of the camp t-shirt

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Travel Sports World Series - Opening Day

Today was the 1st day of the World Series for Bobby's baseball team, the Dallas Stars.  We arrived at Oak Grove Park in Grapevine, Texas at 9 am.  It was already in the high 80s when we got there.  The boys traded pins with the other teams, competed in skill drills (fastest man, around the horn, home run derby and accuracy throw).  Bobby's teammate, Brock, won the fastest man competition for the 8u division.  At 12:30 the opening ceremonies started and all teams were introduced and walked the bases.  After the opening ceremonies, we ate lunch with 3 of the families and then headed home.  My three and Brock had some fun in the pool jumping and trying to catch a ball.  The swim time was awesome since were baked for half the day in 107 degree heat!!  The games begin tomorrow and I'm hoping the odds are ever in our favor!

Brock accepting his "Fastest Man" award

Bobby and the pins he collected today

Jenna jumping in to catch the ball


Brock jumping for the ball

Carissa jumping for the ball

Carissa, Bobby, Jenna and Brock jumping in

Monday, June 25, 2012

Kyle Cares Baseball Tournament

Bobby's team, the Dallas Stars, participated in the Kyle Cares Baseball Tournament in Waxahachie, Texas this weekend.  This tournament is held every year in remembrance of a little boy who passed away due to an amoeba he contracted while swimming.  Please read his story at  On Saturday, they played the Forney Rangers.  Bobby made 4 outs defensively but struggled with his batting.  The Stars won 13 to 1.  The second game was against the Rampage.  Bobby scored 3 runs and made 2 outs.  The Stars beat the Rampage 24 to 5.  We were seed #1 going into Sunday's brackets.  Our first game was against the Forney Fire and Bobby made 9 outs and was left on the bag in one inning.  Stars went home with the win with a final score of 8 to 3.  The semi-final game was against the Dallas Redhawks.  Bobby made 4 outs, scored once and was put out at 3rd once.  Stars came out ahead with a score of 15 to 5.  The championship game was a 8pm Sunday evening and it was finally cool enough to enjoy the game and not feel like you were melting (it was the first weekend of triple digit temperatures in North Texas).  The Stars played against the Clubs.  Bobby made 3 outs and had a couple of good hits that were caught.  Unfortunately, the boys fell short and lost 15 to 8.  It was very disappointing to get so far and play hard and lose.  They earned the 2nd place trophy with hard work.  Way to go, Stars!!!

The Stars with their 2nd place trophies