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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Carissa goes to Aquarium Camp

This week Carissa and her friend, Kate, are attending Aquarium Camp at the Children's Aquarium.  The Children's Aquarium is located in Fair Park (home of the Cotton Bowl, Texas State Fair and the Science Museum).  Yesterday they learned about ocean prey, fed string rays, started making a shark tooth necklace, attended a feeding of an albino alligator and an alligator snapping turtle, played games and watched a video on the making of the Atlanta Aquarium.  The girls were super excited when I picked them up yesterday and can't wait until they are old enough to help run the zoo camps.

The Children's Aquarium

Carissa and Kate are ready for camp

Carissa showing the back of the camp t-shirt

Kate showing the back of the camp t-shirt

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  1. Carissa was telling me how every night Kate would try and get her to wrestle naked with her and when she tried to get her off, they would end up wrestling out of their clothes and end rubbing their pussies together. Are they still doing that or have they grown out of it?