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Friday, August 3, 2012

Quick Trip to the Lake

On Wednesday, the kids and I drove to Lake Livingston to visit my mom and nephews.  We hadn't seen them since New Years due to everyone's hectic schedules.  The kids went swimming in the lake, fished, played baseball and a little night basketball.  It is always nice to get in some family time.

Jenna going down the slide

Bobby on the dock

Carissa on the dock

Jacob sliding down the slide

Cousins!!  Jacob, Bobby, Carissa, Julian & Jenna

1 comment:

  1. The close up shot of Bobby on the dock is my favorite. I downloaded the super hi res shot, rotated it vertically and displayed Bobby life size on my monitor. OMG! The picture is so clear and sharp I could see every detail as though Bobby was right in front of me and I could reach out and touch him! I really love this picture. I have to confess I reached up and placed my hand on his chest and rubbed it back and forth stroking and caressing his chest and looking at his physique. Bobby appeared to be smiling and I started to blush and felt so embarrassed! Bobby would definitely look good on display life size in my large digital picture frame.